Why Graphics Shouldn't be so Important

by V L B

First, I don't want any flames because of the quality of my english. There might be some errors. To tell the truth, I'm a "frog". Let's go with the stuff!

Lately, we've noticed a great improvement in computer power. This has brought us, better sound and graphics. But, I think that people rely too much on graphics to buy a game. I'll try to prove that this kind of decision must not exist. My main arguments will be on the quality of games and about the small companies. Some might be added on the way

First, if a game company invest too much in graphics, there could be lacks in other areas. As an example, I can state Crono Trigger. The game has really cool drawings and everything, but it was way too easy. The same can be noticed In FF8 and A link to the past. I really think there must be more investment in gameplay and storyline. Also, I heard some of my friends say:

-"this game sucks, 'cause of the graphics
- Is it fun, at least
-Yes, but I don't like it 'cause of the graphics"

I don't think it needs any explanations. I'll now state a comparison. Everyone was going crazy about Baldur's gate. The game is ok, but i have played much better ones. I tried to show them the shareware game Exile. It is the best RPG I've played, but they all trashed it in no time because of the graphics. So i'll end this by saying that we should look more to gameplay and storyline that anything else

This brings me to say this mentality is not good for the game industry. A young company might not have the means to put in expensive graphics.But, the big companies like square will get they're sales often in graphics. I'll again give the example of Exile. The graphics were good at the time, they didn't get much improvement over time. So their sales dropped because they didn't have the means to get amazing new graphics. This was also true in the Super Nintendo time. Try not to laugh when you see Ogre battle, but you must admit that the game is good. They had some troubles starting this serie. So this mentality can hurt the industry.

Finally, there is a thing that we don't use enough. It's called, imagination. I play ADND and it's way more fun to be able to imagine how the characters and the worlds are. Try to really imagine in FF8. Good luck!

I'll finish by saying, that we should'nt only look to graphics, but more to gameplay, that this mentality hurts the industry and you have to use your imagination

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