The Importance of Correct Grammar

by Moux Cow Petau

Matthew Furrow made a very good point in his editorial "The Decline and Fall of the English Language," and that point was that proper grammar on RPGamer is rapidly deteriorating. Although I had noticed many instances of improper grammar before (it's and its, your and you're), it never really bothered me to the point of writing an editorial. That is, until I read "A Boy and his Sword," and immediatley thought to myself "This person must be an idiot!" Now, since I have never seen, met, or had a conversation with Endarire Elward (the writer of "A Boy and His Sword"), I have no idea how the person really is, but pay attention here.

What you write is what represents you. Since you have no way of showing what you really mean when you write an editorial, a person will often judge you on how you write. For example, if you were to write a business letter to an orginization soliciting for money that, in the first line, said something like "Deer NLOW, Kan I havve sum munny four mie proggekt," it would most likley get thrown in the trash. Another good thing to do when you write an editorial is to know what you are writing about, or if you don't know, look it up. Here are just a few pointers on how to make "A Boy and His Sword" better, grammatically and factually.

* ABASH: Would it have hurt you to write out "A Boy and His Sword" each time?
* The hero of Breath of Fire (wouldn't have hurt to type this out either) is Ryu, not Rya.
* Rudy is the hero of Wild Arms, not Ruddy.
* I don't believe I've played FF. or FIFE...
* Croon in Chorine Trigger?
*But? Don't you mean Butz?
* The basis on Butz being "A Boy and His Sword?" That's not supported by anything, and besides, Butz is "ABAHK (a boy and his knife ;})"

Although I agreed with Ebdarire about the sword being too overused, the fact that I could hardly read the editorial made me not enjoy it as much.

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