The Problem with Modern Gamers


Ah, I sound so juvenile don't I? Generalizing millions of people for their tastes, their habits, their tendencies, and their repercussions...

My problem with modern gamers doesn't start with Final Fantasy VII. Idiots like KupoGirls that roll their eyes to the glory that is VII belong in this group. She might have played her first RPG on the NES or maybe even SNES, but she still is part of the cattle that is modern gamers, case..

OK, I will be the first to admit it, Final Fantasy VII brought millions of people into the gaming market, specifically Role Playing Games with its eye candy, television airtime and hype. But, who created this hype?! We did, the gamers of the old. A Final Fantasy in 3D!! We made websites, forums, everything hailing this game, of course sheep will follow us...and follow they did. Blame yourselves for the craze over Final Fantasy VII. It is your fault.

Also, a common mistake made by even the highest gaming scholars (Brad...) is the infamous 'FF2a.' terminology for games translated over to American bearing different numbers as their Japanese counterparts... Why is this bad? The game belongs with its original title, Its Japanese birth name. Not the downsized easy counter part us Americans were thrown with. Final Fantasy IV is a masterpiece in itself, it deserves a title, not a lazy slang for ignorant Americans who don't know what FFIV is....

The downfall of Role Playing Games? I think so, we over glamorized our games. Star Ocean II, Grandia, Xenogears all had quasi sprites and 2.5 Dimensional motions and were huge successes, even in America...why do we value the look of our games so much? And, hell yea, I love graphics, I am a Digital Artist myself, but when the original crop of cult RPG followers were playing FFIV and FFV the last thing on their mind was, "These graphX suxorsZ!" It was, 'Why is Kain doing this to me?" or "Galuffff....why?" I've heard it a million times, how great something sounds but the graphics look 'sorry'. Why?! We are spoiled, immature, and snobs, that's why, the mass market has created a monster, and Final Fantasy will never be the same. If you removed all the Video from Final Fantasy VIII and changed the graphical engine to a Xenogear-esque style would fans of VII accept it with open arms?! No, they would scoff at its inferiority. And that's why we are sheep's to this industry...

Why am I wrong? I'm not, you know it, I know it, the beauty of a Role Playing Game is to accept the role of a character thrown into a world only the imagination can create, and that, in its simplest form is art.

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