A view on Xenogears and its gnostic influences

by Philippe R-A

Warning: Contains Xenogears Spoilers

Ever wondered how you could include religious beliefs/themes in a video game? We all know Xenogears did so perfectly, but what exactly are the religious themes behind it? Instead of explaining the kabbalistic views of Xenogears I will write about something most of you might be unfamiliar with, gnostisism, and how it had a big impact on the ending. I will also give you an idea of what Small Two Pieces might be about based on Xenogears's relation to gnostisism.

If you want actual info on what gnostisism is all about you should check out this site: and go to the Gnostisism section. But I will simply mention what part of gnostisism is related to Xenogears. To do so I'll give you a brief explanation on how Deus works and a few quotes from Krelian.

Deus is "fuelled" by having a part of the Wave of Existence trapped inside the Zohar modifier. This Wave of Existence is from a higher dimension has Krelian says it in the ending.

Krelian- Before the beginning of the universe, in the undulating waves of the higher dimension, all things were one. It was the waves spilling out from there that created this four-dimensional universe of ours. 'Humankind' and the 'Souls of Humankind' that were born from there, are merely leftovers of those spilled waves.

Here we see that the true "god" (not the fake human-made god named Deus) somehow lead to the creation of lower dimensions. Krelian doesn't seem too fond of these dimensions and seem to consider them almost evil. We can see this in another of his quotes during the ending.

Krelian- Why such reluctance to become one with the god? What attachment could you possibly have to this wretched old world? What meaning can be found in living out such a short existence... hurting others, hurting yourself, grinding one another down, only to inevitably die and return to dust? Why, everything we could ever desire is here. No need to be troubled by the need for love. For this place is filled with the love of god.

Here we see that Krelian seem to be implying that all things must return to God and now, not later.

So what does that all have to do with Gnostisism? Gnostisism says that a sort of "error" trapped this higher-divinity-like "thing" into the material that surrounds us. Therefore they believe that nothing can be perfect in this world because for the whole world to be perfect, everything must be reunited and freed from the material. This is exactly what Krelian says. This is also represented by Deus since he is trapping a part of God inside a machine. The spiritual trapped inside the material.

The thing is that Krelian has lost hope, unlike Fei. Krelian want to be reunited with God so that everything end here and now, he had enough of what he went through. He has no one to give him hope, no one to really love him. Instead of trying to go back on Earth and be accepted by mankind, he decide to go with God. Fei want to be with Elly. Both Krelian and Fei want to be reunited with something. Sadly, Krelian lost his hope when Sophia died. He envy them because they are able to "travel to the end of the world" together. All they need is their love.

I could go on forever about all of this since there is a rather large amount of gnostisism in Xenogears and especially in everything related to Krelian and Deus, but you'll be able to see the similarities yourself if you read a bit more about what gnostisism is. I'll leave you with something simple that most people might not have understood the first time they heard it.

Remember the song Small two pieces? "Broken mirror, a million shades of light"? It means that the mirror or God was broken, which lead to everything that we know of. What are those Small Two Pieces? Fei and Elly, two parts of a broken mirror reunited together by their love. Where is the love from? "The old echo fades away" The echo from God through the dimensions. Why do we feel that love is so important? Because it is the echo of what used to be united.

The whole idea is that while "God" broke down into many pieces, there is always one thing that will be there for the pieces to reunite with one another, and that is love. One of the most important aspect of Xenogears's story.

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