New Roses Are Not Released Every Year

by Michael Harnest

** Author's Note: This editorial is not to serve as a mockery of PC's work posted earlier, nor for that matter, should it indicate that I disagree with every point that he makes. Furthermore, I understand the societal law of subjective exception, so please do not take my comments as the be all and end all, but understand that they do, however, work in theory and are intended to portray the thoughts of the majority.

Thesis: be assured that there is a reason to await the release of the next installment into the Final Fantasy series over the release of most other console role-playing games. It is true that Final Fantasy IV would have been just as impressive if it were called The Paladin, and Final Fantasy VI just as enthralling if it were branded Balance and Ruin. It still seems there is a misconception, though, in thinking that the name of a video game is no indication of its quality.

The head offices at SQUARE are aware of something: Final Fantasy is a sellable name. Now, although the name sells a game, its sales, of course, are not always an indication of whether or not the game is any good. SQUARE's officials are also aware of something else: in order to keep Final Fantasy a sellable name they have to associate it with quality. The aforementioned role-playing classics have no doubt displayed this excellence and despite video gaming purists who believe otherwise, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have also maintained this level of quality. The Final Fantasy series has continuously offered unique, unprecedented video gaming experiences. This is why name actually matters. SQUARE must keep the relationship between Final Fantasy and excellence. They recognize that no matter what is released as the next Final Fantasy will sell, but SQUARE also recognizes that the product has to be of quality to attract new gamers and ensure the sales of future installments: Final Fantasy IX will no doubt sell, but if it is a poorly made game, Final Fantasy X will lose credentials and not sell as well.

And so then . . .

Future games bearing the Final Fantasy title should be anticipated more than most other games. SQUARE no doubt looks for its most fascinating story, and intriguing gameplay to display through the next installment of its benchmark series. This ensures that the very best that SQUARE has to offer at the time will be the next Final Fantasy, and this consequently provides ample reason for the games to be anticipated more so than others.

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