Rebuttal for the decline and fall of the English language

by Tom Moore

This rebuttal is in regards to Matthew Furrows "decline and fall of the English language".

I would like to first say that I agree that our Editorialists and Q&A people are a little... grammatically accident prone. But that's okay, because I know they are having fun. They are sucking the sweet marrow out of their jobs.

Most of the people who host the sections on RPGamer have tough, stressful lives that they have to live through. They don't have the time to worry if they have spelled something the "right" way, or the "wrong" way. Either way they spell it, people still get the point. If people get what you are saying, what difference does it make if you have good or bad grammar.

The same thing goes for the amateur editorialists. They don't care very much if they left out a word or a letter (unless the whole word changes by the mistake). All they care about is if people got their point.

I know I don't have perfect grammar, but I don't care, because I know I'm getting the point across.

Original Editorial: The Decline and Fall of the English Language

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