A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet...

by PC

There is really one reason and one reason only why everyone is griping about how much these new Final Fantasy's suck and how much the old ones rule. It's the NAME. Imagine if Chrono Trigger had been Final Fantasy 6. Imagine if Xenogears had been Final Fantasy 8. Now imagine if FF6 had been "Balance and Ruin" or something, and FF8 had been "Lionheart" or "The Sorceress". It's all just the name. We are all so excited for the "next" Final Fantasy, but what is it that really makes it worth waiting for? The name, and nothing more.

These games are not sequels. There is nothing that really ties them together, for that matter. Chocobos and Cid and Airships, whatever. Chocobo has his own game series now, but do we consider that an FF game? No, we don't. Simply put, there is no sense in comparing separate Final Fantasy's because it would be as pointless as comparing a bunch of movies that just HAPPEN to have the same supporting actor. These are all different games. They should be different: none of them are sequels or prequels, or any of that rubbish. Why should we be so enraptured in the release of the next in line? Who knows? Take then Chrono Cross, which, last I heard, was ALMOST a sequel to Chrono Trigger.

Now that would be worth waiting for. But just waiting for something because of its name is sort of silly. I mean, think about it: are there any other franchises that all have the same name but are connected by nothing else? No. None that I can think of. And I'm sure some smartass will think of one as soon as he reads this and try to prove me wrong, but, honestly, what's the point?

In closing, look at this:

  • Final Fantasy 1 = Chronotrigger 1
  • Final Fantasy 4 = Chronotrigger 2
  • Final Fantasy 6 = Chronotrigger 3
  • Chrono Trigger = Chronotrigger 4
  • Xenogears = Chronotrigger 5
  • Chrono Cross = Chronotrigger 6

I mean, why not? They've all got sprites that can do magic and fight and have cool stories and were made by Square. These game all have just about as much in common as the Final Fantasy series, so why don't we call these the Chronotrigger series? At least in Chronotrigger 4 they actually HAVE a Chronotrigger (well, a C.Trigger). What IS a "final fantasy" anyway?

Chew on that for a while.

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