Response: Why Doesn't Square Make SEQUELS?

by Raincrystal

In his editorial posted on 12-14-99, Patrick George asked why Square doesn't usually make true sequels. He pointed out that each game takes place on a separate world, and the stories are completely unconnected.

This is probably because it's really hard to make stories connect and not sound like a re-hash of the same thing over again. In a lot of fanfics, after the game, the villain somehow comes back and tries to accomplish his goal all over again, or someone else comes along and tries to do the same thing. (This plot summary accounts for about 90 percent of the FF6 fanfics out there.) This is really not much more than an excuse to re-write the game. The general idea is, "The game was really good the first time around, so let's just have the same thing happen all over again and then we can hear about even more adventures." This just-can't-get-enough scenario gets boring really quickly, once you realize that it's basically the same story all over again.

Square is also a rather experimental company. (Note the different magic system in each game.) They don't like to keep doing the same thing over again-- once it's already been done, they want to try something new. Making all the games take place in the same world, with the same characters, et cetera, would severely limit their chance to try something new and creative. I don't think they're going to go back to the old magic systems that veterans love to miss. I don't think they're going to stick with their new systems, either. They're going to come up with something completely new. That is what Square's about and that is what they always do. This change is part of what keeps people riveted; if you knew exactly what the next game was going to be like, would you really bother putting in all that time to play it?

Each game is the beginning and the end of the story of that world. No matter how much you love your favorite, love it for what it is and don't expect any more. Whatever remains unanswered is the domain of your imagination alone. Square has given you all that they are going to-- their final fantasy of that world. The rest is yours.

Original Editorial: Why doesn't Square make SEQUELS?

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