Who hates Squaresoft?

by Raincrystal

I recently showed my friend, who loves FFVIII, a review which contained mostly negative points about the game. Before making it to the end of the article, she was too angry to continue. "I don't care about old school or new school," she sputtered. "If it means something to someone, it can't totally suck."

I've been thinking about this as I read through the old editorials which illustrated once again how many old school gamers were disappointed with FFVIII. Not only is she right, but she made a point which it would do everyone good to remember. None of these games suck. Even if it isn't your personal favorite, what were you hoping for? A clone of FFVI? If you want that, just go play FFVI again. No need to make another game for it.

A long time ago, I was one of those change-resistant gamers, who lamented every little difference that brought the newest game a step further away from my precious FFIV. It wasn't until recently, when I realized that FFVII had somehow become my all-time favorite, that I admitted that change could be a good thing, by making new games possible. I realized that I would have been bored with another FFIV. What I wanted was a different game that touched me just as strongly.

If the later FFs aren't your cup of tea, just keep waiting, and don't judge the game on how unique it isn't. Square doesn't make crap. The fact that someone else liked a game proved that it isn't all bad; it just isn't YOUR favorite... and the next one might be.

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