Would You Like Strained Carrots Instead?

by Alex Fenemore

Ok, honestly I am tired of the whole "old-school RPG" term. I have been playing RPGs since the days of FF1, Dragon Warrior, etc. I loved them and I love the games of today. Including FF7 and FF8 (OoOOo taboo! It's not cool to like those anymore) The one thing that will always remain the same about RPGs is the fact that *story* is the largest, most important part of the game. If they want to flood in cinematics and effects *great*! If the developers of old could have thrown in all the gizmos and hoodads of todayís games, you think they wouldnít have??? The graphical and sound developments in the last few years have brought RPGs and every other genre to a new level, a higher plane.

You can have all the side quests, all the sprite characters and chip music in the world want, but without a completely enthralling story you have nothing. If you really want to get your story/point/plot/ideas across, some breathtaking visuals donít hurt either. Stop hindering yourselves or trying to hinder the game developers of today by saying that cinematics and visual effects take away from the game. They add so much more.

If just once any of you that sit and bash all the newer role playing games would just sit down and play the games for what they are, not what they arenít. Youíll probably find they are quite enjoyable. Whether they break your conventional RPG mold or not. Every game has its problems. Stop trashing new games simply because they are new or different from what you grew up with. Do you sit at the dinner table and think to yourself "Damn, you know this steak is awful - so juicy, tender and full of flavor! What I wouldnít give for a nice bottle or some strained carrots right now." No you donít. If you do, then well you are beyond the limited range of my advice.

What I am trying to say here people, is grow up, accept the fact that everything isnít going to stay the same forever. Jump in the car and enjoy the ride. It only gets better from here.

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