Video Games ARE Art. The Media is Wrong.

by Dan Crislip

To all who love games,

Recently, MSNBC has published an article that makes a biased opinion that attacks the heart of our games. Their alleged claim is that video games do NOT transmit emotion to the player. All of us who have ever finished a game know that this claim is entirely false.

On February 27th, Jack Kroll of Newsweek published his article entitled "‘Emotion Engine’? I don’t think so." He says, "As absorbing as the new games can be, they fall short of engaging the human heart. . . Games can be fun and rewarding in many ways, but they can’t transmit the emotional complexity that is the root of art."

I can guarantee that Jack Kroll has not played a video game from start to finish. He couldn't have, or else he would see that he is lying to the world. I can also guarantee that all the editors of Newsweek also have never played a complex game from start to finish, or else they would not have let lies be entered in their publication.

Who has not felt joy when a main character falls in love? Who has not felt pain and sadness when a loved character dies? Who has not felt fear when facing the final battle? If anyone has ever played a game of any length, be it old or new, they have felt all of these things. Note that a picture of Final Fantasy 7 was entered in the article. I purchased FF7 the day it was released. I was drawn in from the beginning and could not leave until the end. When it was released, it was the pinacle of all games ever made.

Are movies considered art? YES. Are music compositions considered art? YES. Are paintings art? YES. Are novels art? YES. Then what are video games? In my opinion, which I am DEFINENTLY SURE is shared by millions of people everywhere, what we have in video games is much more than art. It is a perfect union of Graphical Art, Musical Soundtracks, Movies, Plot, and one thing that all these forms of "art" do not give us: INTERACTIVITY. If we say that modern and complex video games of today are not art, then there is no such thing as art, and you are denying all forms of art their true existence.

If this effects you in any way, please send this on to friends, relatives, and especially Newsweek. Let people know that such attacks on video games are taking place. This is a serious problem and shows just how much ignorance has been inflicted by the news media. Thank you for your time, friends. Take a stand.

~Dan Crislip

Here is the link to the news article I recently read:

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