Contest Results - Dragon Draw

Dragoneer's Aria

Thank you to everyone who entered our Dragon Draw Contest. The artwork was fantastic. It was difficult, but we managed to select the winners from the wonderful submissions. The order inside the tiers is random. Thank you all for entering. Here are the winners of Dragon Draw:

Grand Prize: Dragoneer's Aria, and autographed poster
  • Erin A., Plant City, FL
  • Jordan L., Durham, NC
  • Meghan D., Burbank, CA
  • Kynthis, Lord of the Wind and Heavens - "Kynthis is the dragon of wind. He dwells in a shrine atop the highest mountain in the land, concealed with clouds and enchanted mist." Ferumgarron, the Iron Dragon - "Born from the heart of the earth, its iron skin forged by a dark goddess, Ferumgarron is a fearsome dragon of terrible strength. For hundreds of years, many a knight has eagerly stormed the evil dragon's lair, hoping for riches and glory, only to be surprised to find his weapon shattered on steely skin and rows of razor-sharp fangs buried deep in his skin. Now, Ferumgarron sleeps in the deepest hole in the earth, waiting for its goddess to order it into the outer world again." Maelare - "Dragons are some of my favorite creatures, I couldn't pass the chance up to draw one! I don't know what kind he is...maybe a wind/fire mix. Multiple wings and big horns are always awesome!"
    Runner-Up Prize: Autographed poster
  • Vin L., Laguna Hills, CA
  • Justin D., Randallstown, MD
  • Shane P., Golden, CO
  • Conglomerate Lifeforms - "Games undoubtedly inspire players to create art, but even hardware has intriguing organic forms. What if hardware itself could come alive? This question inspired me to combine consoles, wires, UMDs, and other materials to create my own bizarre dragon." Sen Dragon - "It eats people's hopes, fears, and dreams." No Description

    RPGamer would like to thank NIS America Inc. for supplying the prizes for this contest and their continued support.

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