Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Contest Results

RPGamer and Enix America combined to give away copies of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 and some exclusive Enix merchandise. Each level of prizes had two winners, since DWM2 has two versions. The Grand Prize was a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, and a plush doll of the main character of the game sent (Cobi or Tara). Second prize was the game and a Watabou/Warabou. Third prize was a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2.

To win, you had to identify the monsters shown on the contest page, using Enix's site as a reference. Many of you searched through the vast amounts of information, and successfully identified all the monsters. Good work everyone.

And now, the winners of our Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 contest:

  • Grand: Alan Douglas, Maine
  • Grand: Genevive Laurin, Quebec
  • Second: Robert Mossburg, Texas
  • Second: Tom Maisano, Texas
  • Third: Wade Webster, Missouri
  • Third: Damien Paquin, Quebec

RPGamer would like to express their thanks to Enix America for the wonderful prizes, and continued support of RPGamer. We'll continue to bring more chances to win, so keep watching RPGamer!

by Mikel Tidwell    
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