Questions for 'Skills & Spells'

Question 46: (Point Value: 100)
In Skies of Arcadia, Vyse can use this special skill to unleash his "wrath" on a single foe and deal critical amounts of damage.

Question 47: (Point Value: 200)
Lloyd steals the ability to transform into this powerful being after Dart and his friends slay the Holy Dragon in Legend of Dragoon.

Question 48: (Point Value: 300)
As long as a person is careful in how they word this 9th level spell found in Dungeons & Dragons, they can achieve or gain nearly anything.

Question 49: (Point Value: 400)
Tecmo's Deception III: Dark Delusion features a unique battle system in which your skill with these is how victory will be determined.

Question 50: (Point Value: 500)
In Arc The Lad II, Lieza can use this special skill to capture monsters to be used in the Monster Arena.

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