Questions for 'Plot Synopses'

The questions in this section give a very brief description of the setup or events of a specific game; it's your job to guess what game each question is a plot synopsis of.

Question 41: (Point Value: 100)
In the aftermath of Archimonde's defeat at Mount Hyjal and the ascension of a new Lich King, the Horde and the Alliance part ways once again.

Question 42: (Point Value: 200)
A mysterious artifact is found in the wreckage of a spaceship while an experimental android and her creator try to save the Human race.

Question 43: (Point Value: 300)
A band of the unlikeliest heroes anyone has ever imagined are thrust into a quest to save the world from a mysterious plague of insanity passed through shadows.

Question 44: (Point Value: 400)
In pursuit of the person that murdered his parents a vengeful young mercenary stumbles upon the door to a world he never imagined to exist.

Question 45: (Point Value: 500)
You have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to mine ore, but you are also given the task of delivering a letter to the High Wizard.

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