Questions for 'Monsters & Villains'

Question 31: (Point Value: 100)
The enemy of Princess Mycella and her Mystics, this dark samurai and his companions use a form of dark energy to control the world.

Question 32: (Point Value: 200)
Although he is seemingly harmless, this mysterious man seeks to collect fifty red jewels in order to reshape the world in his own perverted image.

Question 33: (Point Value: 300)
These hideous creatures from a planet shrouded completely in darkness are out to change history for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Question 34: (Point Value: 400)
Last challenged by the Ruby Warrior, this evil creature has lain in wait on the sixteenth level of his dungeon for interminable years.

Question 35: (Point Value: 500)
This Japanese historical figure is often portrayed as a villain, but in the game where he killed all but one the Iga Ninjas, he really was.

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