Questions for 'Missions & Quests'

Question 26: (Point Value: 100)
One of the earliest and easiest missions in Guild Wars: Prophecies is to find this missing item for a young girl named Gwen.

Question 27: (Point Value: 200)
In Dungeon Siege, your neighbor quests you to travel to this town and pass along the news of the Krug attacks to Gyorn.

Question 28: (Point Value: 300)
Upon arriving in Hong Kong, the primary objective for Ryo Hazuki is to locate this man, who killed his father.

Question 29: (Point Value: 400)
Although Lenneth has many objectives in Valkyrie Profile, her primary mission is to gather warriors to defend Valhalla during this climactic battle.

Question 30: (Point Value: 500)
To open the path to Mephisto's inner sanctum you must first recreate a special weapon that once belonged to this priest of Zakarum.

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