Questions for 'Heroes & Heroines'

Question 21: (Point Value: 100)
Having lost his family and his memory in a car accident, this youthful private-eye meets a native american with the ability to transform into monsters.

Question 22: (Point Value: 200)
The avatar of a player of "The World," this young man quickly becomes embroiled in a journey to save his electronic world from its doom.

Question 23: (Point Value: 300)
Freshly awakened from his stay at the morgue, this man must explore both the real and cyber worlds to find his lost memories.

Question 24: (Point Value: 400)
This young man born into a line of Cocoon Masters must find a way to defend his home from the ever increasing numbers of monsters that surround it.

Question 25: (Point Value: 500)
Although many people share the spotlight throughout Magic: The Gathering, this Artificer turned Planeswalker could be considered the main character.

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