Questions for 'Genre Hybrids'

Question 16: (Point Value: 100)
Although they weren't entirely successful, Sacnoth made an attempt at blending RPGs and Survival Horror with this game.

Question 17: (Point Value: 200)
Combining a First Person Shooter with an RPG was - at the time - fairly exclusive to this game developed by Ion Storm.

Question 18: (Point Value: 300)
This combination of a Platform Adventure, a Simulation, and a RPG by Quintet might first appear to be none of the above.

Question 19: (Point Value: 400)
Perhaps one of the most unique combinations of game genres can be found in this Fighting RPG developed by Contrail.

Question 20: (Point Value: 500)
An inventive take on combining Real-Time Strategy elements with more traditional RPG themes, this game was developed by Idea Factory.

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