Questions for 'Artifacts & Items'

Question 01: (Point Value: 100)
This titular item can have several effects through its notes, be it summoning a storm, altering time, or calling Epona.

Question 02: (Point Value: 200)
When this artifact is pulled from a stone near a waterfall it awakens a number of creatures including Rabites.

Question 03: (Point Value: 300)
In order to capture the most powerful Pokémon you will need great luck or one of these ultimate Pokéballs.

Question 04: (Point Value: 400)
Carried by one of his weakest foes, Alucard can find this super quick sword only in the inverted Long Library.

Question 05: (Point Value: 500)
Hidden in an inn at the northwestern edge of Baldur's Gate is this item that belonged to the city's founder.

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