Divine Divinity looks like the best isometric 2-D rpg to come around this year, including Icewind Dale 2. I have heard from every review that this is a successfull combination of Diablo and Balder's Gate, 2 of my favorite games. I played Diablo 2:LOD for about half a year and was probably as addicted as anybody that played that awesome game, but there is something lacking from its mad hack-and-slash action. Now that I don't play it anymore I realize in retrospect what is hard to percieve while you're killing enough "Hell Cows" to feed South Africa for a year, that is that the game has only a superficial storyline as a pretense to just kill everything. What it was missing was the interaction with npcs and changing landscapes and situations of Balder's Gate.

From what I can gather from the demo, the all good reviews, the message boards, and screenshots this game will give us the combat from Diablo where the player actually controls the swings of the sword or bow, he doesn't just click and watch his avatar swing casually at some dumb creature. But more importantly it complements the fighting with innovative quests and character development, which I must say is one of my favorite things about Rpgs, its what keeps me playing seeing my character get those cool new abilities and kicking backsides, its what rpg gaming is all about.

Thanks to RPGamer for putting some light on this gem!

by Michael Cummings    

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