I want Divine Divinity because it harkens back to old school RPGs with more updated graphics. It goes back to the days of Ultima6 and Ultima7 before RPGs were pure hack and slash (like Diablo and Dungeon Siege) when there was freedom to move and to interact with the environment. I feel that this game truly makes up for what lacked with the end of the Ultima series, Ultima 8, which paved the way for the linear hack and slash games.

This game, along with Morrowind and Arx Fatalis, is bringing a revolution in RPG gaming, a revolution that brings back what was fun and so fascinating about the genre to begin with.

This game will finally bring my wife (played the demo) to understand why these kind of RPGs are so loved by myself and by so many others instead of Diablo and its clones.

Finally, I want this game because it is just plain fun and it brings a tear to my eye to bring the good 'ole days back to gaming.

by Charles Ireland    

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