I've never entered in a RPGamer Contest before, besides the time I tried for a journalist job and then the link didn't work anyway. I've looked at a few but none before had really caught my eye.

Divine Divinity has been compared to everything from Ultima to Diablo II and while I never played any Ultima (besides a very very early one, might even have been the first- I wasn't too fond of the pixely hell) I loved Diablo II. It was the first RPG I had played that you could fight whenever you wanted and actually feel like you're controlling the battle; role*-playing. It was so much more than endless menu surfing, fight-fight-cast-defend-dammit-thisisboring (not that I'm complaining, I've loved this "boring" genre since Earthbound for SNES). The little creatures screaming and doing back flips as a death animation helped out too.

Besides Diablo II, I've never been a fan of PC RPGs in general. I played Baldurs Gate, and Baldurs Gate II (as well as demos of Arcanum and a few others) but besides enjoying the graphics, never came to enjoy the games. Morrowind looks good but seems too much of a system hog for my computer. Divine Divinity fits the mix: graphics, Diablo-esque combat and less demanding on the ol' PC (compared to some). I want it.

by Danny Lowe    

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