Instead of writing some lame excuse on why I would want to win this game, I'll just come forth and state the obvious. I love RPGs, and have played them so much, that I spend more time playing games than sleeping.

I'm a RPG addict, and play them whenever I have spare time. Also, just for the brownie points, I have always followed RPGamer and its news.

Many games that I have played, I have only played because of what the people at RPGamer have said about them. I've known RPGamer before it was even RPGamer! Unless the people who created the site in the beginning have left and others taken their place, I remember when RPGamer was known as "The Unoffical Squaresoft Homepage". (I hope I am right because I'd hate to look like an idiot for getting that wrong.)

Last but not least, winning stuff is always a good thing. :)

by John Pangos    

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