Golden Sun - Djinn 101: Results
Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Thank you to everyone who entered to win our Golden Sun Contest. The contest was a huge hit with all the readers, and I hope you had fun participating. There were so many great entries, but unfrotunately we can only have one winner. Here is that lucky reader:

  • Jarett Prouse - Edmonton, Alberta

RPGamer would like to express their thanks to Nintendo of America for supplying the prizes for this contest, and their continued support. For the readers, we will be posting our review on Golden Sun: The Lost Age very soon, so keep watching for it.

Jarett's Answers
Fire Wind Water Earth
Fire Djinni Wind Djinni Water Djinni Earth Djinni
Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus
Forge Gust Fizz Flint
Fever Breeze Sleet Granite
Corona Zephyr Mist Quartz
Scorch Smog Spritz Vine

Favorite type of Djinn:
    Overall my favorite type of Djinn would be the Water Djinn. Usually I don't bother using stat modifying powers or spells, and while offensive powers are good, I find healing powers to be the most useful - can never have too much healing. As the Water Djinn have the most healing powers (such as Spritz, Tonic, Fizz, and Dew), I find them to be my favorite since they're of more practical use for me.

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