Alundra 2 Contest Winners!

   As of today, RPGamer's Alundra 2 contest is now over; the e-mail was sifted through once and twice over, to make sure none were missed, the answer sheets were carefully looked over, and the winners have been selected. A hearty congratulations goes out to Colin Humber, winner of the Player's Guide, Francis Perreault, winner of the Alundra 2 game, and Ross Hamm, winner of the Japanese game poster. Congratulations to you three, from all of us here at RPGamer and Activision! And without further ado, I'm sure everyone is interested in the correct answers. They are as follows:

        1) The original Alundra had the same development team as which old Sega Genesis Action/RPG classic?

  • Answer: The game in question would be Landstalker, developed by Matrix.

            2) In the original Alundra, what was the prize for finding and turning in all fifty Gilded Falcons?

  • Answer: Finding all fifty of the Gilded Falcons would earn Alundra the Spirit Wand, of course!

            3) In Legend of Legaia, what do you receive from defeating Lapis in Mt. Dhini, and what does the prize do?

  • Answer: For defeating Lapis, you earn the Evil Medallion, which, when equipped, allows the character to go berserk and attack with a string of up to fifteen arts in one attack, however, the character is uncontrollable during this time.

            4) Name two things for Alundra 2 that were added only to the North American version of the game.

  • Answer A: The first addition to Alundra 2 for the North American version is a difficulty level option between the "easy" and "normal" setting.
  • Answer B: And the second addition is a brand new opening movie which contains a wealth of background story information.

            5) What is the name of the world that Alundra 2 takes place in?

  • Answer: Alundra 2 takes place in the kingdom of Varuna. (Vanilla was also accepted as an answer, as that was name of the kingdom in the Japanese version.)

            6) In Alundra 2, special medals and puzzle pieces are collected for what purpose?

  • Answer: In Alundra 2, you can collect special medals to upgrade your sword, armor, or elemental power. The puzzle pieces are collected and for them, Flint is rewarded with new special attacks.

       And that does it for our contest this time. We thank everyone that participated, and be sure to keep visiting RPGamer for your chance to win free goods! We'll be running another contest in the near future. Details are sketchy at the moment, but we'll certaily be sure to keep you all posted!

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