R P G A M E R   -   H O P E   S P R I N G S   E T E R N A L

RPGamer would like to congratulate the six winners of Hope Springs Eternal!

Eric Lytle of Glendora, California.
Maggie Malone of Centennial, Colorado.
Jamie Payne of East Helena, Montana.
Jamison Polivchak of Strongsville, Ohio.
Sunita Srivastava of Toronto, Ontario.
Ryan Yamada of San Diego, California.

We would like to thank everyone who took time to enter the contest and cordially invite you to enter any of the several new contests that will be taking place each month throughout 2006! Look for Choose Your Own Adventure to open soon!

Nippon Ichi Software AmericaXSEED Games

RPGamer would like to thank Nippon Ichi Software America and XSEED Games for the prizes for this contest.

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