Crossword Hints

1 Down: Silmeria the Valkyrie

2 Down: Grand Mage Merik

3 Across: Ridley the Knight

4 Down: Yangus the Ex-Bandit

5 Down: Alouette the Defender

6 Across: Kururu the Puppet

7 Down: Mean Ma the Mercenary

8 Across: Kairi the Maiden

9 Across: Prince Poo

10 Down: Norn the Catgirl

11 Down: Noah the Esper

12 Across: Feena the Adventurer

13 Across: Firiona the Elf Maiden

14 Across: Princess Nina Windia

15 Across: Professor Oak

16 Across: Kukuru the Mystic

17 Across: Lans Hamilton the Knight

18 Across: Elco the Inventor

19 Across: Imoen the Thief

20 Across: Mint Adnade the Healer

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