Ephemeral Fantasia Contest Results

This summer, RPGamer tried to stump our readers by asking about assorted information of past Konami games. For those who knew all, we offered up the latest Konami RPG, Ephemeral Fantasia. Now, at long last, we will give you the winners, as well as the answers.

We received well over 100 entries, but very few of those actually had every question correct. There were so many different answers, that we decided to double check all of ours. Better safe than sorry, right? Finally, we've contacted all the winners, and now we're ready for the those results.

Winners of Ephemeral Fantasia, in no particular order:
  • Sharon Bowers, New Jersey
  • Gregory Adam McVey, Massachusetts
  • Anthony Lieu, New Jersey

We would like to thank Konami for the prizes, as well as taking the time to verify our answers. Speaking of answers, here they are:

  1. What was the name of the first RPG released by Konami in North America?
    A: Suikoden
  2. For what two systems was Azure Dreams released?
    A: PlayStation, Game Boy Color
  3. How many characters can join your party in Suikoden?
    A: 108. Accepted: 107 (joining)
  4. What's the highest percentage you can get in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?
    A: 200.6%. Accepted: With the sword brothers/bat glitch: 210.1%
  5. How many classes are available to characters other than Ash, in Vandal Hearts?
    A: 7
  6. The Suikoden series is loosely based on what Chinese book?
    A: "Shui Hu Zhuan" or "Liang Shan-po". Accepted: "The Water Margin", "All Men Are Brothers", "The Men of The Marshes"
  7. How many Stars from Suikoden return as Stars in Suikoden 2?
    A: 23 : Humphrey, Viktor, Luc, Pesmerga, Flik, Clive, Stallion, Tai Ho, Yam Koo, Tengaar, Hix, Jeane, Max, Lorelai, Futch, Sheena, Viki, Meg, Apple, Vincent, Templeton, Valeria, Kasumi
  8. How many floors are in the Tower in Azure Dreams?
    A: 40. Accepted: 129 (GBC)
  9. How many possible endings are in Vandal Hearts 2?
    A: 4. Accepted: 6 (two variants)
  10. How many cards are in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon?
    A: 20

RPGamer would like to thank everyone who entered. We wish everyone good luck with our future contests.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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