Dragon Warrior III Contest Results

This summer, RPGamer made readers retrieve ancient knowledge about Dragon Warrior games gone by. For those with astounding memory, we offered up the best Dragon Warrior remake thus far, Dragon Warrior III. Now, at long last, we will give you the winners, as well as the answers.

We received well over 100 entries, and many people knew more than we expected. Now that we've contacted all the winners, we're ready for those results.

Winners of Dragon Warrior III and Prima's Guide, in no particular order:
  • Christopher Krcmaric, Indiana
  • David Choi, California
Winners of Dragon Warrior III, in no particular order:
  • Ian Nelson, New York
  • Jason Noto, Louisiana
  • Jerry Busby, Montana

RPGamer would like to express their thanks to Enix America for the prizes, as well as taking the time to verify our answers. Due to the remakes, some valid answers do vary from these, but this is what we were looking for. The answers to our contest are as follows:

    *** Series Questions ***
  1. For Dragon Warrior 1 and Dragon Warrior 2, who was the music composer?
    A: Koichi Sugiyama
  2. True or False: The Japanese word "Hoimi" ("Heal") did not exist before Dragon Warrior.
    A: True
    *** Dragon Warrior (I) ***
  3. How many experience points are required to reach level 2?
    A: 7
  4. How do you easily defeat the Golem?
    A: Use the Pixie Flute to put him to sleep
  5. At what level do you learn the spell Hurtmore?
    A: 19
  6. What is the maximum level and experience?
    A: Level 30, 65,535 exp
    *** Dragon Warrior II ***
  7. What does the World Leaf do?
    A: Cures the Prince of Baran (revives a companion was accepted)
  8. Where is the Dew Yarn hidden?
    A: Twin Towers (most of you knew which floor)
  9. Hargon's Castle is a twin of what other city?
    A: Lorasia
  10. How much does the Dragon Sword Cost?
    A: 8000 gold
    *** Bonus ***
  11. Where is the person that says the quote "Please save us from the minions of the DragonLord."?
    A: Brecconary

RPGamer would like to thank everyone who entered. We wish everyone good luck with our future contests.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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