Questions for 'NPCs & Sidekicks'

Question 41: (Point Value: 100)
Although she enjoys singing more than anything else, this young woman's peaceful life must come to a sad and terrible end when the eight Siren Instruments are played before the egg on Mount Tamaranch.

Question 42: (Point Value: 200)
A master of virtually every secret art the empire has to offer, this regional spy master of 'The Blades' is the man you report to as you explore Vvardenfell and uncover the prophecy of the Nerevarine.

Question 43: (Point Value: 300)
The teacher in room 2-4 of Saint Hermelin High School, this woman is considered good looking by the majority of her male students and, although she enjoys bending the school rules from time to time, is widely viewed as being an excellent role model for her pupils.

Question 44: (Point Value: 400)
When presented with the Key of Destiny by the person bearing the Star of Heroes, this prince-in-exile joins the rebellion in order to help restore his ruined kingdom and avenge his murdered father, Gran.

Question 45: (Point Value: 500)
Living in a small village and running a flower and plant shop, this young lady is one of many potential women-of-your-dreams as you try to re-sow your grandfather's farm on the Super Nintendo.

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