Questions for 'Mythology & Reality'

Question 36: (Point Value: 100)
During the time-frame in which Ryo Hazuki is having his adventure in Shenmue, this person had already been the Emperor of his home country for a long time.

Question 37: (Point Value: 200)
In addition to the Golden Ship of the Incas, the sunken Land of Mu, an Egyptian Pyramid, and the Tower of Babel, this stone temple built by the ancient Khmer people makes an appearance in Illusion of Gaia.

Question 38: (Point Value: 300)
At the turn of the 19th century a young gypsy woman, a male commoner, and a pious Catholic priest with a dark secret met purely by an act of fate inside the walls of this monastery in Aberyswyth, Wales.

Question 39: (Point Value: 400)
These creatures that are said to haunt a number of Japanese mountains are extremely similar to archetypal 'goblins' in many regards, however, they are often depicted as having wings, beaks, and other avian physical characteristics such as those seen in Inindo: Way of the Ninja.

Question 40: (Point Value: 500)
In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin, this mythological creature's single task is to guard the titular treasure against likely heroes by keeping them from safely navigating the huge maze-like dungeon.

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