Questions for 'Monsters & Villains'

Question 31: (Point Value: 100)
Alex and Ryan are on a journey to save Ryan's girlfriend from this ne'er-do-well and the virtually limitless hordes of his street gang.

Question 32: (Point Value: 200)
Considered extremely attractive by men on both sides of the Human-Yason war, this woman is treacherous, cruel, and not above using seduction to get what she wants, even if her true motives are difficult to guess.

Question 33: (Point Value: 300)
Although he was much smaller when he appeared earlier in the series, this reptilian creature had grown to enormous proportions and become capable of harnessing electrical energy by the time you find him in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Question 34: (Point Value: 400)
In the world of Pocket Monsters, more commonly referred to as Pokémon, the mostly harmless Magikarp evolves into this enormous dragon-like creature that is listed on page 130 of Professor Oak's Pokédex.

Question 35: (Point Value: 500)
Imbued heavily with the lifeforce of Azrai, the vanquished Dark God, this malefic creature controls the forces of Chaos and has the ability to turn anyone that opposes him to stone.

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