Questions for 'Minigames & Sidequests'

Question 26: (Point Value: 100)
By using pieces of magical gummy jelly and utilizing the help of these two furry friends, you are able to create and customize your own Gummi Ship which you can then use to navigate between the worlds besieged by the Heartless.

Question 27: (Point Value: 200)
In Skies of Arcadia Legends one of the various sidequests added specifically for the GameCube release of the game involves capturing these creatures to later be used as food for a strange baby bird.

Question 28: (Point Value: 300)
Although it's possible to complete Shadow Hearts without ever undertaking this sidequest, you stand to gain both Yuri's ultimate fusion and his ultimate armor by finishing it, and it all starts by picking up this item in Kuihai Tower.

Question 29: (Point Value: 400)
You receive Demon Mail armor for defeating this difficult optional boss enemy on Crossbone Isle, but be warned that it is capable of using the most powerful forms of attack Psynergy for each element, as well as being able to dispell any positive statuses you manage to use on your party.

Question 30: (Point Value: 500)
After first appearing in Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals this massive, but thankfully optional, cave complex quickly became a mainstay in the series where to this day it continues to generate random dungeons up to two-hundred floors deep.

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