Questions for 'Islands & Planets'

Question 16: (Point Value: 100)
The Ten Towns, the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter, Myth Drannor, Amn, Cormyr, and Waterdeep are all places of intrigue and adventure on this planet.

Question 17: (Point Value: 200)
Having depleted the sustainable resources of Earth, humanity is forced to relocate to this planet in two waves, the first assigned to land their starship and begin producing the facilities necessary to support a population and the second to follow shortly behind with the survivors aboard the much larger Pioneer 2 craft.

Question 18: (Point Value: 300)
Separated from both the dark island of Marmo and the main continent of Arecrast, this island is home to the valiant King Kashue, the winsome elf princess Deedlit, and is also where the soul of Beld, the dark emperor, is reincarnated in the storyline of the game named after it.

Question 19: (Point Value: 400)
This world is formed by seven concentric strata, each with a different environment and culture, secured together by a massive support column running north to south through the axis of the planet.

Question 20: (Point Value: 500)
When he was shipwrecked on this island attempting to recover the Moonlight Sword for his friend, Alexander Thornton Regginis took it upon himself to uncover the secret of the curse that prevented anyone from leaving after drinking from its darkened waters.

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