Questions for 'Heroes & Heroines'

Question 11: (Point Value: 100)
Although he is the star of each game in the series, Ys III: Wanderers From Ys puts this red-haired young hero up against one of his greatest challenges when he must defeat Galbalan in order to protect Elena and Chester.

Question 12: (Point Value: 200)
This blue-haired android was specially designed to be able to destroy the Gnosis, a race of brutal and evil aliens bent on destroying all of mankind by any means necessary.

Question 13: (Point Value: 300)
Endlessly reborn from his own corpse with virtually no immediate memories of his past lives, this hero's journey will see him teamed up with a talking skull, a tiefling, and a succubus to name only a few.

Question 14: (Point Value: 400)
This duo, whose combined objectives are to save a family member and depose a plethora of false evil kings, have a great deal in common with Peter Pan and his wayward shadow.

Question 15: (Point Value: 500)
Capable of wielding powerful psychic energies to attack his enemies as well as defend himself, this young hero's quest begins late one night when a meteorite falls to the planet on a nearby forested hill and a strange creature claiming to be from the future comes to visit him.

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