Questions for 'Empires & Kingdoms'

Question 06: (Point Value: 100)
This 'high' kingdom is governed by the charismatic, wise, ancient, and peaceful Seraph Lamington and his not particularly charming, wisdomatic, or peaceful assistant, Archangel Vulcanus.

Question 07: (Point Value: 200)
Princess Ailish, Queen Lusica, Tal the guard, Elco the inventor, and Buki the amazon all hail from this war torn kingdom.

Question 08: (Point Value: 300)
Although this kingdom was brought low by a man named Villa, it was later retaken by King Sarnus through the cooperation of the bearers of Marselva, the remnants of Humankind, and the elemental spirits.

Question 09: (Point Value: 400)
The kingdom of Nordagh and its barbarian tribes had been at war with this empire to its south until they were forced to make a rather impromptu pact in order to make a combined assault on the Dark God as it emerged from the sorrow, hate, and blood of their last, most massive battlefield.

Question 10: (Point Value: 500)
Hidden beyond the utmost edge of the Great Sea, this island kingdom is blanketed in man-made traps and is sanctuary to a myth about eight legendary magical stones that, when collected, give their bearer the ability to control time.

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