Questions for 'Buildings & Caves'

Question 01: (Point Value: 100)
Although your journey begins in the town of Leaf, this cave, which is guarded by a huge bat, is both your first primary destination and your first real challenge in Crystalis.

Question 02: (Point Value: 200)
Built in the outskirts of Hell, this small castle is a useful staging point - thanks to the presence and guidance of the Archangel Tyrael - as you make your way deeper into the burning landscape in search of Diablo's Citadel.

Question 03: (Point Value: 300)
This tall building serves both as an outpost for the Dark Dragon Army and as a complex time-control device that has caused a great deal of trouble in the nearby village of Carmen.

Question 04: (Point Value: 400)
This cavernous mine, although overrun with monsters, is littered with a huge variety of colored stones with magical properties, however, the specific one your quest requires you to find is green and needs to be used to heal Hank, a town guard.

Question 05: (Point Value: 500)
Hidden deep within this temple slightly to the south west of the town of Fountain Head is a statue capable of granting you the title 'Crusader', however, it is guarded by the regional leader of the clerics that have been plaguing the nearby countryside with the undead.

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