Questions for 'One Thousand Years'

Question 46: (Point Value: 100)
The war between Humans and Espers in this game ended 1000 years ago, but the catastrophe caused by that conflict nearly brought an end to magic and was long believed to have signified the extinction of the Espers.

Question 47: (Point Value: 200)
Although the story begins to unfold 1000 years after this mighty artifact of evil met its fate by colliding with the Shield of Azunai, Dungeon Siege II puts the two objects once again in one anothers path in the course of destiny.

Question 48: (Point Value: 300)
1000 years before this hero's quest began the Ark was used to imprison the embodiment of evil so that the perilously delicate balance of the elemental spirits might have a chance to recover.

Question 49: (Point Value: 400)
1000 years ago, the Guardians, the Humans, and the Elws banded together in order to stop the invasion of the Metal Demons and their queen, but in so doing caused the life force of this world to begin to die.

Question 50: (Point Value: 500)
Beyond this ominous structure that sits beneath the bustling city of Rogueport stand the ruins of an even more ancient city and the resting place of a paper-thin demoness.

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