The Story

The Story of the Bachelorette: Once upon a time, on the mystical shores of the world of RPGRealm in the Kingdom of Amoré, there lived a young bachelorette named Aeris. Although she was quite beautiful, her love of nature and solitude had long kept her from becoming involved in another relationship after the disappearance of her first true love, Zack. Her friends Tifa and Yuffie, having become bored with Aeris' reluctance to enter the dating scene, decided that perhaps it would be best to wander the world and find three eligible bachelors, each with a different type of personality. It was their hope that, in this way, they might convince Aeris to question each of the young gentlemen and decide to go on a date with one of them so that she might be happy; and coincidentally more fun for them to hang around with.

The Story of Bachelor One: Tifa and Yuffie decided to make the task more simple by having one of them search to the north and one of them search to the south. Having gone their separate ways, Tifa wandered long and far to the north before coming at last to a small village nestled around a massive church. While she waited at the inn for the innkeeper to rent her a room, a young man entered the building. He had short auburn hair and appeared to be quite physically fit. Immediately she went to him and explained the situation. After hearing her story, the young man heartily agreed to follow her back to the Kingdom of Amoré and meet the beautiful damsel in question, and so they set off without a moments hesitation.

The Story of Bachelor Two: Yuffie, meanwhile, had travelled south where she entered a dense forest and soon became quite lost. While she wandered the lonely path amidst the trees, she came suddenly upon a campfire and a young man clad in black and white, with light blonde hair. He seemed immediately suspicious of her motives and her presence in this out-of-the-way place. Upon hearing her tale and realizing that she had misplaced herself, the young man adamantly suggested that he be allowed to show her the way back to the road and that, assuming he did not get called away, he was willing to come with her to meet Aeris.

The Story of Bachelor Three: When the two girls, their prospective bachelors in tow, met on the way back to Aeris, they immediately realized that they were one person short of the party they should have. As luck would have it, at that very moment yet another young man appeared ahead of them on the road. He stood fairly tall, was clothed mostly in black, and had hair of darkest blue. After waving him down and explaining the circumstances to him, he warily agreed to return to the Kingdom of Amoré with them to help their lovesick friend. And, so, the quintet set off toward Aeris' flower garden agreeing that no matter who the girl decided to pick, no violence would come of it.

The Story
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