Why do I Deserve Shadow Hearts?

Why do I deserve Shadow Hearts? Well because February 27th is my birthday, that's why! And last I remember, the only thing Goog ever got me for my birthday was a picture of Gendou the Stampede, yeah, that's right...and it was late.

I shouldn't have to "entwine the slime" here, I humor him nonstop, every single day. Well, not every day, and hardly nonstop...but I'm funny! I'm Emelia to his Lina...Ryoga to its Ranma...Sunny to her Sherry! Don't get the joke? Oh, you will as soon as a certain GBA game comes out, then you'll be rollin' in the aisles and only WISHING you had recognized my comedic genius when you had the chance to award me with a "prize."

I deserve the game for the mere fact I don't inundate Goog with letters asking when FFX is coming to the XBox, if I have to have a modem to play it, and what obscure RPG I should trade in to get it! In fact, Goog means so much that I'd do anything for the slime. That's right. I'd dress up like Nahga so Goog could get to a Convention. I'd build an airship and suspent the United States above earth so he/she/it could re-enact their own little Skies of Arcadia. I'd go down to Sega's offices and demand they make Phantasy Star collection for the Gameboy Advance, with artbook included and a special CD soundtrack of PS1. I'd get Persona 2: Innocent Sin released in America, even! Yeah! Nothing's too crazy for Goog! What?...$400 so you can play FFX? that IS funny!

--Tomm Hulett

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