This is the listing of contests RPGamer has had from time to time. Truth be told, we love giving the goodies away almost as much as people enjoy winning them. If you have any questions about our contests, or if you have an upcoming game you'd like to promote with an RPGamer contest, feel free to email us.

Month Contest
10 2005 Prinny Plushie Sweepstakes Results
08 2005 RPGamer Idol Results
06 2005 The Editorials Summer Contest from Hell Results
06 2005 Golden Remix Contest Enter now!
12 2004 OmniArt 2005 Results
05 2003 Golden Sun: Djinn 101 Results
04 2003 Lost Kingdoms II Card Search Results
10 2002 Are You Worthy? Results
09 2002 Grandia Xtreme Trivia Contest Results
05 2002 Guardian Creature Card Fan Art Contest
04 2002 Our New Forums Need a Logo!
02 2002 Entwine the Slime (Shadow Hearts) Results
11 2001 Dragon Warrior VII Class Selection  
10 2001 Okage: Halloween Costume  
10 2001 ICO: Find Princess Yorda! Results
09 2001 Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Safari Hunt Results
09 2001 Tales of Destiny II Trivia Results
07 2001 Dragon Warrior Trivia Results
07 2001 Konami Trivia Results
07 2001 Win a copy of Dark Cloud Results
02 2001 Summoner Giveaway  
12 2000 Twelve Days of Christmas  
07 2000 Vanguard Bandits Giveaway  
03 2000 Alundra 2 Results
04 1999 April Contest and Results  

Note: If you're wondering why there are a few missing results, it's because we don't have an official record of who won. The contests are closed, the prizes have been awarded, but RPGamer either didn't post a final list, or we can't locate the page where we did. Please accept our apologies for our previous disorganization.

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