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Best Wii U RPG - Xenoblade Chronicles X

Best Wii U

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an epic drama pitting the last remnants of the human race against a powerful and determined foe bent on eradicating humanity. They escape the doomed earth only to crash land on an alien planet. Now they race their enemies to the pieces of their shattered ship in order to survive.

But putting that aside, Xenoblade Chronicles X places us smack dab into the middle of a giant alien world that is teeming with life. From the serene lakes where the giant scary dinosaur-like monsters like to drink to the rolling plains where the angry wolf-like grexes lurk, ready to attack you on sight, each new area brings us to something entirely different, with new enemies to deal with and new landscapes to traverse. Its vast open world isn't just pretty to look at. Being able to climb up all sorts of terrain, be they sheer cliffs or hills that are slightly more than bumps, means that avoiding extreme threats doesn't completely stop exploration in that area. There's always something interesting to see and a new place to wander off to and that makes for an experience you can lose yourself in for days at a time.

by Robert Sinclair

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