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Best PlayStation 4 RPG - Bloodborne

Best PS4

In the short time since Demon's Souls's release, From Software has streamlined the process of releasing its unique brand of action RPGs to an almost yearly basis. Each iteration may have differing levels of success and exposure, but the series manages to feel fresh with nearly every title released. Bloodborne keeps that idea alive in not only the best PlayStation 4 exclusive, but one of the better games released this year.

Bloodborne diverges from its predecessor even more than Dark Souls did its own. Equal parts action and horror, Bloodborne is the smallest of the series but in no way comes out feeling lesser. The combat is brisk and offensively-focused, keeping in mind the setting and general attitudes of enemies. Levels are intricate, loaded with secrets throughout, and a sheer joy to explore. Certain aspects may feel lacking to previous Souls titles, such as build variety and the healing mechanic, but these inconveniences are easy enough to overlook in such a well-delivered package. The most interesting takeaway from Bloodborne is how independent it manages to feel, even when compared to other Souls games. Transplanting the reinforced gameplay concepts into new and interesting universes seems to be the best way to keep this series from becoming stale, and Bloodborne is anything but.

by Zack Webster

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