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Best DLC

Best DLC
Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne was an excellent game, so even something as simple as "more of a good thing" can be considered exactly what the doctor ordered. Outside of early difficulty spikes, The Old Hunters does little to shake things up, but it does manage to provide a lot of content packed into a short but sweet adventure. It manages to nearly double the number of available weapons, some of which are rather unique and create new gameplay styles, thereby addressing a major complaint from the base game. The DLC is more than just mountains of new weapons and gear. It also features among the most difficult and interesting bosses not only in Bloodborne, but in the entire series, making it a crucial addition to From Software's offerings. The Old Hunters doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it makes for a much nicer one.

Best Non-RPG

Best Non-RPG
Tales from the Borderlands

Even for those of us who were not big Borderlands fans, Telltale's 2015 narrative adventure Tales from the Borderlands is a fantastic experience. The dark, gritty take that Telltale has become known for with games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us still has its moments here, but where Tales from the Borderlands really shines is in its humor. Few games in recent years have come close to offering the densely packed laughs that this game brings, including one of the best shootouts in video game history. The impressive implementation of a framework narrative adds comedy and intrigue throughout its episodes. The entire game is just one big, over-the-top thrill ride with great characters that will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh until you cry. Such an outstanding game. Bro-knee.

Best Re-Release

Best Re-Release
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

Although the enhanced 3DS version of Devil Survivor 2 was announced back in 2013, it would be delayed until last year, when it finally hit North America on May 5, 2015. Much like the port of the first Devil Survivor, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker features voice acting, slight gameplay enhancements, and additional story content. Unlike Devil Survivor Overclocked, which adds an extra chapter to three story routes, Record Breaker adds a new scenario that nearly doubles the length of the game. The Triangulum arc is not only a good story that serves as a direct continuation of the original game, but also fleshes out and further develops the game's characters. Indeed, the voice acting alone does wonders for the game's large cast, giving them all additional personality. It is very much appreciated since the characters in the original DS game feel a bit shallow. The new character, Miyako Hotsuin may seem like she's just a gender-flipped Yamato Hotsuin, but her role in the story and her personality make her a great addition. Very little was changed about the gameplay and battle system, though this is because the original game is quite strong in that department. Record Breaker does add an easier difficulty level, a boon to those who didn't enjoy the original's difficulty spikes. Even for players who have already completed the DS version of Devil Survivor 2, Record Breaker is absolutely worth experiencing with all of these additions and enhancements.

Most Played / Most Completed

Most Played / Most Completed
Fallout 4

Possibly alongside Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fallout 4 is the most divisive 2015 RPG among our staff members. You can't say we didn't try, though. Bethesda's widely hyped sequel to one of our favorite last-gen RPGs was purchased day one, played, and beaten by more of us than any other 2015 release. Even those of us who were disappointed saw the wanderer's lengthy trek across post-war Boston through to one of the many endings. We enjoyed it enough to finish it, but clearly not enough for it to win anything that's settled by group votes.

Most played is a result of hype, but most completed is a meaningful compliment. Time is short, Fallout 4 is long, and for this to win an objective award that typically goes to handheld titles and shorter console RPGs shows that however little it managed to wow us, we were engaged by the excellent combat and massive, detailed world. The factions and endings may have had inconsistencies, but we needed to see how events would turn out for the people and setting we cared about. It could be fair to call other games more fun, prettier, and better written, or the staff minority could be correct in calling this one of the best games of 2015. We'll just have to leave it at Fallout 4 winning the only GOTY award that isn't subjective or skewed by expectations.

by Zack Webster, Michael Cunningham, Cassandra Ramos, Glenn Wilson

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