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Editors' Choice

The DS is a powerhouse for RPGs. This year Nintendo's little system had more than twice the number of RPGs from any other handheld or console. So which games made it to the top of the pack? Here are our top DS RPGs of 2008.

Best DS
The World Ends With You

Considering the DS has become the most prevalent handheld for anything RPG related, it is depressing to see how so few original RPGs exist on it. The sad part has often been that developers create more remakes and ports of RPGs instead of providing gamers with new and original titles. Most of us were excited to see Square Enix finally come out with a very fun and modern RPG, and thus The World Ends With You is at the top of our list for best DS RPG.

What makes TWEWY the best DS RPG is that it is extremely engaging on all levels. Not only does it have a fun, fast paced environment, but it also has quirky characters and a twisting plot. The characters that the player is exposed to are full of raw emotion, having been transported to an alternative version of Shibuya to participate in The Reapers Game. Not only does the game have a hectic battle system, but it provides a lot of customization options for players, allowing for many different pin combinations. Besides the engrossing story, solid interface, and fast gameplay, the soundtrack provides gamers with some catchy tunes that can stay stuck in your head for weeks. With stunning visuals, a superb soundtrack, a gripping story, and a unique cast of characters, what more could an RPGamer ask for?

Second Place - Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

You know a game is good when a 7 year old port of an 18 year old game is released and it is still engaging and even does things rarely seen in todays RPGs.

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen for DS had a captivating chapter setup, and the memorable Torneko chapter that is still talked about to this day. Factor in some of the most classic RPG gameplay, a great mix of old-school and impressive graphics on Nintendo's handheld, and Square Enix delivered a title that is absolutely worth checking out for old and new fans of the Dragon Quest series alike.

Third Place - Final Fantasy IV

Square Enix's remake of the venerable Final Fantasy IV exceeded fans' expectations. Featuring a new augment system for greater character customization, 3-D graphics, voice acting, a better translation and more, this DS RPG received high scores across the boards, and satisfied finicky followers of the series. However, this alone would not be enough to score a spot on our list of best RPGs for the DS. The fact is that Final Fantasy IV for the DS is a great, fun RPG for the DS overall, even for people who have never played the original. Great battle and leveling mechanics aside, Final Fantasy IV features a story of war, love, betrayal and redemption that any RPGamer can easily enjoy.

by Phillip Willis, Sam Marchello, Ethan Pipher, Michael Cunningham

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