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Episode Title Date Cast
5 "Immersion and other Buzzwords" June 23, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Immersion, engagement and a few other ten dollar words get taken to task by our panel. Both the design and marketing side of the terminology equation are weighed and measured. Discuss
4 "Feelings out of a Number" May 26, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Scoring is a fickle beast for a reviewer. Our crew attempts to tame and/or slay the monster with our of bits intact. Discuss
3 "State of the Pocket" April 21, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
In this episode our intrepid crew tackles the East/West divide, the phone/dedicated gaming device divide and the environment. Also debuting the feedback segment (with prizes). Discuss
2 "The Shape of Things Past" March 17, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Re-releases, ports and up-scales, 'What do we want and what does it mean for the business' get examined in this instalment. Discuss
1 "Famine, War, Pestilence, Death and Bias" February 17, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Can objectivity be achieved in game criticism, and is such a state even worth it? Join our new podcast as we discuss the questions and more. Discuss

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