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Episode Title Date Cast
10 "Fixing Final Fantasy" Nov 24, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
We tackle this issues faced by this benighted franchise, from both the business and creative standpoint. More importantly we attempt to decide whether we should care in the first place. Discuss
9 "The Price is Wrong, Mac" Oct 27, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Between various platforms, business models and the ever-present Square-Enix Tax, we navigate the state of game pricing for RPGamers. Discuss
8 "The Vita is Doomed (Maybe)" Sep 29, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Sony's latest handheld endeavour has been struggling, or maybe it hasn't. It's a matter of perspective. Listen to our panel vigorously share theirs on the subject. Discuss
7 "Time and Criticism March On" Aug 25, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
As gamers get older we begin insisting the youth of today play the games that mattered way back when, this doesn't seem to work out all that well for RPGamers. Your hosts investigate the nature of this conundrum. Discuss
6 "The Modern JRPG: Shark or Panda?" July 28, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
We tackle the notion of evolution within a game genre via an pair of related metaphors about rare animals. Wgether or not JRPGs have to change in the face of "extinction" is left up in the air. Discuss
5 "Immersion and other Buzzwords" June 23, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Immersion, engagement and a few other ten dollar words get taken to task by our panel. Both the design and marketing side of the terminology equation are weighed and measured. Discuss
4 "Feelings out of a Number" May 26, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Scoring is a fickle beast for a reviewer. Our crew attempts to tame and/or slay the monster with our of bits intact. Discuss
3 "State of the Pocket" April 21, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
In this episode our intrepid crew tackles the East/West divide, the phone/dedicated gaming device divide and the environment. Also debuting the feedback segment (with prizes). Discuss
2 "The Shape of Things Past" March 17, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Re-releases, ports and up-scales, 'What do we want and what does it mean for the business' get examined in this instalment. Discuss
1 "Famine, War, Pestilence, Death and Bias" February 17, 2014 Scott, Mac, Trent, and Sam
Can objectivity be achieved in game criticism, and is such a state even worth it? Join our new podcast as we discuss the questions and more. Discuss

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