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Birthday Wheels
  December 31st, 2013

12/31- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season (if you're in a country where the current time period is a holiday season). I've been busy plowing through The Last of Us with a helping of Valhalla Knights 3 and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW. I was really impressed with The Last of Us, which I wasn't expecting to match the hype.

Anyway, let's jump right in to the final Q&A of 2013!

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Ys-y Answers

@askwheels Q and A question! If Sol in Memories was a Galbalan, then what's that make Galbalan in III? Or VI?



It sounds like there may be some translation vagaries involved here. According to the Ys wiki I came across they are both "Ash emelas creations" created by the clan of darkness. I can't really dig up too much beyond that. I may have to search for some Ys experts for more information on this. Remind me about this and I'll keep looking into this!

Bound to Earth

@AskWheels I'm impatient, I don't like kids, and I'm a bit of a graphics ho. Sell me on Earthbound!



Well, have I got the game for you then! For starters, patience shouldn't be an issue here. Earthbound's combat is fast paced and low level enemies are defeated instantly once you're strong enough, making travel through past areas easy. It has some menu quirks, but nothing that really slows things down. No worry on the kids part either. The main characters aren't exactly chatty, and one of the main villains is a kid, so that will working towards you hating him! On the final point, it's a SNES game so it's not exactly going to blow you away, but it has tons of style, and gumption.

I think Earthbound is the game for you!

Oath in Ys-ghana

@AskWheels why did I believe you when you said to get Oath in Felghana? Is that short enough?



It is short enough!

Hey, different strokes for different folks. Oath in Felghana isn't for everyone. It's a challenging game of course, by nature so it can get frustrating. Keep at it, and if the platforming is an issue consider a different control method. It's a brilliant action RPG but still won't be for everyone. Maybe try I&II if you can't get the hang of it? I'm sure there is an Ys game out there you'll like.

America's Genre

@AskWheels When do you think the FPS genre will no longer be #1 in America and favorite RPG of yours that most people think is bad/avg



I can't see that happening any time soon. It would probably be a gradual trasition, possibly to more third-person shooters, or we could just see shooters mixed with other genres become the big thing. Honestly we may already be almost there as there's often slimmer pickings outside of Battlefield and Call of Duty. I'd hope at the very least we'd get more sci-fi FPS games but no such luck outside of Halo and BioShock (I don't count Killzone). At least we aren't getting a parade of Call of Duty clones!

As for your second question, a recent example would be Dungeon Siege 3. I found the combat to be different and engaging and a smaller emphasis on loot to be a welcome change. Each character had a small set of skills that still allowed for plenty of options in battle. The story even managed to be engaging, which often isn't the case in a dungeon crawler. No one else seemed to like it as much though, dismissing the bad multiplayer and loot. Too many dungeon crawlers get overlooked because they aren't Diablo clones!

See you all next year!

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