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Q&A Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Steal Our Questions?
  November 18th, 2013

11/18- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! I'm currently recovering from baby induced sleep deprivation so please pardon me if I'm a little out of it. We've got some great questions this week though! Let's just get right to it so I can get back to the roguelike business of Guided Fate Paradox.

On to your questions!

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Next Generation of Questions

@AskWheels random? Next gen not backward compatible! Exactly how many inputs does my tv need to keep systems setup?


Well thankfully with everything moving to HDMI it's mostly a matter of how many HDMI ports you have, and there are decently priced HDMI splitters out there so it shouldn't be bad at all unless you're working with older TVs that lack such ports. Getting classic gaming through HDMI can even be done, heck, through that RetroN 5 system now. A bigger issue will be all the power cords tangling your movement, along with charging cables for the controllers. Technically you could even plug a system into the XBone to use its whole input switching features right? Still, you would think with more advanced technology we'd be past the point of dumping backwards compatibility by now. Maybe PS3 support is too hard right now, but are you going to try seriously arguing that Sony can't get decent PS1 and PS2 emulation software running on the PS4? Whatever issues the Wii U has at least I have access to my whole library from the Wii, even digital software, and I hear hackers have even gotten GameCube games working through Wii mode on the system. Sometimes it seems like lack of backwards compatibility is more of an issue of not wanting to waste support resources and keep the ability open to re-sell old games digitally. Sorry consumers! Whoops, I seem to have gone off on a tangent there. Long story short, you'll just need lots of HDMI ports, which is a great change from the mess of previous generations.

@AskWheels Why does the new adventure time game cost so much but suck so much :(


Well for starters there's only one review out there, so I'm not going to write it off as sucking just yet. I really enjoyed the first WayForward Adventure Time game so I'll wait and see what I think after some time with the final product. I hope it doesn't suck! As for the price, it seems pretty typical for this type of game, with a lower price point for the console versions and a typical $29.99 price tag for the  3DS version, though I'm not sure what it's going for in PAL regions.  Since it's WayForward, did you want it to sell for a similar price to the company's downloadable games? That's probably not realistic being a licensed game and all, but I don't see anything wrong with the price point at all. You can always wait for a sale!

@AskWheels why aren't Zelda games called the Adventures of Link?


A good question. It's funny that the one Zelda game with that in the title is the only one that really involves the actual "Legend" of Zelda. At this point it's impossible to change the name of the established series, but it is odd Nintendo kept going with that name. I mean, the fourth Zelda, Link's Awakening didn't even feature Zelda! At this point it's just too late to change the name of the series, but I think we now need a few games with Zelda as the heroine and no Link to make up for this.  No, the CDi games do not count toward this!

@AskWheels what knot should I use to tie all my systems cables together?


Always a clove hitch.

@AskWheels should I import EO:Mill Girl or wait for the PAL release?


If you have the ability to easily play an imported copy, I would just import ASAP. Unless the PAL release will include a language option that you need, there doesn't seem to be any reason not to. Seems to me the only reason to wait would be if you only have access to a PAL 3DS - though buying an NTSC system is a big investment, I know.

@AskWheels IMO Months long delayed ports should have bonus content / included dlc as compensation! How hard can US English to AU English be?


Not hard at all, but I doubt that has anything to do with the delayed releases. Still, the big issue here is the lack of an Atlus presence in the EU. NIS America (which probably needs a new name at this point) has been getting its titles out around the same time in multiple places, sometimes even earlier in Europe. Someone needs to fix this, as it really pains me to see folks in Europe have to wait for quality Atlus games.

@AskWheels why hate on the DS Zeldas? They were the only ones that held my attention enough to complete. Probably says more about me :/


Well you've come to the right place. Here on Q&A your kindly host will only hate on one Zelda (Zelda II) and jokingly hate on another (Majora's Mask). Zelda 2 is the only one in the series I've outright disliked. The DS games are no different. I have some issues with them, primarily the main dungeon in Phantom Hourglass, but on the whole they're fun little adventures. The experiment with stylus control was very interesting. It couldn't provide the same kind of control as traditional Zelda games, but as a pair of DS experiments the games worked out just fine. Sometimes when people call stuff like Zelda games bad I wonder if they've actually played any truly awful games.

@AskWheels how many questions a week are too many??


There's no such thing as too many.

@AskWheels is my observation that Nintendo is totally newb focused (making mario/zelda/pikemon too easy) true ?


I would wonder why you think this is specific to Nintendo. Look at all the major game franchises out there and you'll see lots of ways things are simplified and made easier in many respects. That said, I don't think they've always made things easier. The Zelda games were pretty easy post Zelda II, and many of the Mario games are still hard, they've just added the super guide stuff. Donkey Kong Country Returns is probably harder than the older SNES games. Pokémon has always been too easy but it is primarily a kids franchise. There's no doubt they've made some games too easy but I think on the whole a lot of the ways they make their games easier really just substitutes for what used to require a Game Genie or pay-per-minute hint lines back in the day. We can have a philosophical debate about if these options hinder some gamers from accomplishing things themselves, but so long as the easiness of their games is an option, like the casual mode in Fire Emblem, I have no complaints about difficulty in most of the recent Nintendo titles. I'm finding it a bigger issue from other publishers, where I feel like many RPGs have been getting too easy and simple.

@AskWheels time to admit Nintendo IS for kids/casuals


Not in the slightest. It seems like the hardcore Nintendo fans are the only ones even buying the Wii U right now, and given the success publishers like Atlus seem to be having on the 3DS, the hardcore crowd has plenty of interest in the system. Nintendo still has more of a kid appeal, but I see nothing wrong with that. Nintendo's platforms are the only real place out there where the big titles aren't all M-Rated. I think a bigger question is why are people insecure about liking games that don't include blood and gore?

I'm just going to put this quote here:

"Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."

- C.S.  Lewis

@AskWheels its like they have assumed that we have moved onto Sony/msoft/pc and geared back to making games for the new gen of players.


If that was the case we'd probably have a Nintendo phone or tablet. Nintendo does what Nintendo does, I think trying to make sweeping statements like this makes no sense. Why is a New 3D Mario just for the new gen now, but was previously for the hardcore? I don't get it. We are talking about the year when they had big success with Luigi's Mansion and a freaking FIRE EMBLEM game, can we stop with this nonsense please?

@AskWheels related! What PAL only games are you annoyed the US misses out on? Disaster:day crisis??


I keep forgetting Disaster was even a thing. I'm kind of annoyed about not getting the Inazuma games but I'm mostly annoyed about Breath of Fire III and Tales of Eternia not coming to the PSP in the US. I could import them fine but it means they never came to PSN here so I can't put them on my Vita.

@AskWheels was GameStops exclusive Xenoblade localisation successful? Should retailers fund more conversions?


Considering it sold out and they eventually released used copies for $40 more I'd say it was successful. Honestly I still have no idea why Nintendo didn't publish that and The Last Story. Perhaps there were issues with major retailers? I think more retailers, specifically GameStop should try it more for sure. I don't know that they would all be as successful, but it's an interesting idea that I'd love to see attempted. Of course Xenoblade was easier because it was already translated, so it might have to be another case like that.

@AskWheels pst: I know its more then just language conversion. Mostly just ranting. Still pissed at 3ds region locking :( hug my DS.



 I know your pain (I really wanted to play Monster Hunter 4 early). I don't know the reasons behind it, perhaps it's related to their anti-piracy measures? Sadly given it only effects a small number of us, we don't have a big enough voice to effect change. I can only hope that they randomly remove it via a software update in the future but that seems highly unlikely.

Thanks for the fantastic questions!

What in the Heck

DEAR @AskWheels.






Why do you do this to me Beat. What is this nonsense? Why is there no actual hilarious fan fiction about me? Why is the sky blue? Why do birds suddenly appear? I don't even like Burger King Beat. I DON'T EVEN LIKE BURGER KING. I thought you knew me bro.


See you all next week!

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