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  October 4th, 2013

10/04- 7:00PM EST

Welcome to another episode of Q&A! My Disgaea D2 review is up if you're curious, and I'll probably keep digging into that game for a while yet. That said, Wind Waker HD comes out today so let's get this show on the road so I can get to it.

On to the questions...

The Letters

Wind Waker HD introduced the ability to take selfie photographs! What other games would you want to see this feature in, and why?



I mean, just about everything? I love the feature on Vita, since it's built into the OS and you can take screen shots anywhere. On other systems, in-game selfies is a cool idea, which could include some kind of Twitter/Facebook etc. integration to appeal to the current social media generation. This would be especially cool in MMOs where social interaction is already a big part of the experience. It seems like a simple, innocuous feature, but I think it's something that users would really appreciate and make extensive use of. It would almost work like free advertising! I'd be surprised if we don't see more features like this in the near future.

Sticky Situations

Why is this not stickied? And why is it rarely noted in the actual section who sent the question?



Well shortly after you asked, Fowl Sorcerous  was kind enough to do just that! The Q&A forum thread is now stickied for easy access. As for your other question, I do, or are you referring to each segment of someone's letter? I'm open to making a change if you think perhaps each part of a reader's questioning should include their name. Perhaps in some kind of box similar to how my responses appear? Of course I should probably just create a completely new template.


@AskWheels A Defend the Indefensible for you (it's been a while): This is the best RPG opening ever created -  ^^



Why would you do this to poor Wheels? Well, I guess I could attempt to make the argument that the corniness on display here is intended. We have been spoiled by fantastic opening sequences for RPGs and this makes us appreciate those even more. From here, the game can only get better (unless there's more of this) so the user's expectations are leveled. I'm sorry I can't do this, that is quite possibly the worst opening I have ever seen! What were they thinking? No one deserves to watch that!

Saint's Wheels 4

@AskWheels are you not playing GTA V ?



I've never been a big fan of that series! Just never did anything at all for me. Now Saints Row IV on the other hand, that is a delicious slice of insanity that is right up my alley. It pretty much hooked me from the start with the crazy end to the first mission where you climb a nuke trying to disable it as Aerosmith plays in the background. That is my kind of open world game!

See you all next week!

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